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Duluth MN

Here's some pictures from our first trip up to Duluth this summer. I've been working out some ratios for cropping to a panorama size so you can see some of them demonstrated here. I originally had cropped this first photo - but when I took the picture I had framed it for the normal 4x6 ratio. Thus its interesting how it looks much more at home in its original size here than cropped down to eliminate extra sky and water. This shot was very carefully composed to fit into a grid of 3rds and 4ths. The smoke and ship both break up the shot by 3rds, the top of the smoke and top of the water break it into 4ths. The boat is of course in the right 3rd of the picture, with a wonderful breaze blowing the smoke from the stacks off to the left.


I love beaches that look like this. They're even better when you have to climb down a cliff or two, or walk a long trail along tall sand dunes. Just so long as the path isn't paved the whole way. Wooden boardwalks aren't so bad though, as long as they turn into sand eventually.


It's important to have company as well.


And then a lightouse and sailboat off in the distance, with a light breaze blowing and clear water lapping gently on the shore...


These are the two lighthouses that mark the entrance to Duluth Harbor. This is a quiet shot, I just wanted the lighthouses to stand out... while the eye is drawn into the relaxing horizon. There's something very relaxing about the straight horizon of a sea.


This next shot was taken a little farther down the lakewalk. I saw the sailboat coming in and so quick got set to snap some pictures. I wanted the ship lined up roughly in the middle, with the sailboat traveling into the middle of the ship and lighthouse. And what luck! a seagull decided to fly on through! That seagull really makes the shot for me, this is one of my favorite lighthouse and shore shots.


I though this sailboat was particularly interesting, as well, the colors matched the lighthouse and ship quite well. It's quite fun watching boats and ships come in and out of a harbor when there's such nice lighthouses for them to go past.


This ship sat off shore all day waiting for its dock to open up. The Corps of Engineers has an excellent free museum right next to the harbor, which not only has massive maps of the great lakes with each shipwreck marked, models of almost every ship that's sailed em', and a in depth explanation and models demonstrating how the locks work *deep breath* but as well several television monitors listing when various ships are arriving throughout the day.



The Duluth lift bridge and harbor entrance as viewed from the Duluth Lakewalk, a beautiful four mile walk that travels along the shore of Lake Superior on the edge of the Duluth skyline.

Another wonderful day in Duluth!




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